Monday, March 28, 2011

Winner and suit chosen

   I should have posted this yesterday, but the time I was out of hand and there was no possibility of doing it, so today we are winning film in March, "Rear Window. "
   Although the giveaway entry are twelve comments, I'll tell only eleven because two of them are made ​​by the same person, I've also taken the decision to have all of them (the 11) although some did not include reference to dresses film, I'm just grateful to everyone.

Then randomly chose the number nine, this comment belongs to a wonderful person living across the Atlantic Ocean,                                             Sacramento
So  Sacramento, you're the new owner of this pendant with its  chain .

Now for the chosen suit of this film "Rear Window. "

   Finally I'm going to sew for me this suit of black top with swing skirt, and ... with some 
   Although the beautiful Grace Kelly was divine, with any garment. I start from the idea that I will attend an event next April, however, I assume that I am a certain age to go through life dressed like a newlywed bride, so some changes in the suit will result best for me and I'll feel more comfortable wearing it (it is very important)

.   To begin neckline ends in V in the back and front black top, I'll close the back, use a neckline on the front line is fine, but the back is to teach too much "skin" for my taste. I remember a Burda magazine pattern somewhere in my stash that will help this top, I chose a very fine knit fabric and I think it is perfect for the top.
   One idea I have is sewing gloves with black fabric of the top, then embroidered with the same color thread  as the skirt and the outside of the glove by a drawing to match the skirt, What do you think about? Any advice??

   For the skirt I chose a thin cotton-polyester fabricwith ligh blue that has a wonderful weight, the drawings of spikes that are in the original skirt (I think they are embroidered with jewels) I'm going to paint them on the fabric when the skirt is finished with fabric paint.
  Fabric paint is nothing new for me, although some time ago that I do not practice, I can show this shirt I bought at a local store years ago and changed its appearance with textile paints and a little imagination.

                                                     Ok, so... Let´s go.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Last weekend

   I want to show my photos of last weekend when I wore the  "Marnie" dress,  the weather accompanied the outfit because it was  gray  while the temperature was ideal, not cold not hot.

   We reached to a small town in the north of the island early in the morning, we had breakfast, walk, lots of laughs and complicity with hubby.

   However, the idea of the day was to visit a beautiful harbor that is located further north, if you ever come here, please  test the most delicious fried fish in the world, this time we ate squid, paella (or how my son says "rice with  bugs") and potatoes with "mojo picon".
   Paella is a typical meal of southwest Spain, rice cooked with seafood." Potatoes with mojo picon" is a typical dish from the Canary Islands, they are small potatoes boiled with its skin and salt, "watered"with a typical sauce of the island a little spicy. Yum, yum, delicious!

   Of course, after eating a lovely walk along the harbor and the charming and picturesque streets and white and blue houses.

    When evening began to get some fresh air, so the perfect complement to the dress "Marnie" was the gloves to match the bag,
   Next Saturday will close the giveaway of the month, so you're still time to participate in any way please do not forget to enjoy the little things in life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pendant finished

Well, the medallion is finished, in the pictures above you can see the front (first photo) and the wrong side (second photo)

From a bit far away you can see the size of the pendant.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Rear Window" 1954, Film and giveaway of March,

So let the film in March, "Rear Window" 1954 film directed by the "master" Hitchcock (Penny-Rose, asked me if there was another Hitchcock movie that inspires me, the list is endless ... Lady)
In this film there is a wide variety of clothing, however, it is very difficult to choose one just because they are all absolutely fantastic

Besides, I've found a question about, although the movie is 1954 and the dresses worn by the beautiful Grace Kelly have this fashion from the 50s clearly in the film there is another character .. that of the sympathetic nurse, a lady of a certain age who wears a 40s inspired dress to accentuate the generation gap, so Photobucket

This black organza dress caught my attention because of the curious who makes the final draped collar, crossing under the breast, the skirt is pleated organdy

This is a spectacular green skirt suit and jacket lined with white duo, the blouse is sooo spectacular.

A close up view of the hat that I fell in love ...It was fun and exciting is that this hat trick, I was surprised when Grace takes off the veil from her hat and face with two clips on the back of the hat and veil it runs out, then remove the hat. ... I never saw this before and new ideas came about it in my head.

Of course, the shirt deserves an honor for Itself, halter neck, bare back, crossed in front with pleats from the waist up to open on his chest, very, very flattering ...

Seductive satin nightie with a robe of gauze in color "nude ", a view of the front and one back .... I'm sure hubbie vote for this, no doubt, LOL.  

 The last swing dress in the film, much appreciated for the spring that started yesterday ...

And the end of the film, Grace looks just as glamorous with a simple coral-colored jeans and shirt, she is just as adorable in anything she wears.
So now it's up to you to vote for the chosen dress to sew for me in this film.
   The rules ... This time we introduce a simple, you must be a follower of this blog,
if you're not yet, I invite you to follow me in the sidebar .

  The second is to leave a comment on this post telling what this film dress I'm going to sew ... do not need it right, you remember .. it's just fun.

Next Saturday will elect a winners at random of all comments on this post and the winner will receive this medallion in a short time in her home.
                         So be encouraged to participate, it's easy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gift of the month in progress ...

   First of all, I want to thank you all for your nice comments about my dress "Marnie, " you get "inflate" my ego dangerously. lol.
   I also want to thank Carolyn for her help with English, I ask you please ... if I make mistakes in the language, feel free to correct me, I'm still learning English and use correct terminology is important to me, if you help me with these errors I will be eternally grateful.

   Okay, so now we go with the gift of movie this March.
  And we continue with shades of violet, Did I ever say that purple is my favorite color always??

 Around a beautiful Swarovski stones in shades of green and purple I'm doing for you a spectacular pendant like the one I made ​​for myself some years ago.

   It's a meticulous process....

   Although the pendant is the same as mine, it has some details that difference, so I looked for all the material needed for it, but the stones size 8 could not be found in the green, and so I had to put transparent glass stones in place.

     In this hour of Sunday night, the pendant is well, very little needed to finish it.
  However I wanted to show you the finished product using my suspension next for you to get an idea of what can be in your power within a short time.
   Sorry you photos with cheeky flash, it's night here now and this is the only way is to take photos.
  In the photo below you can see a better job of hanging and final look at a picture of me posted few  post back

                                                                     Image from this post.

    This is all for now, tomorrow will be completed by hanging and I will add the post for the chosen film in this March to sew a dress from it. That means that tomorrow's post is where you can leave comments to choose to get this spectacular pendant for you.