Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Confessing addictions ...

This post should start by saying: Hello, my name is Rosy and I am addicted a. ..

First of all, I want to apologize for being a horrible blogger these days, I was sick and had no body to sewing or blogging, but now I'm back and my head full of ideas and projects again.
But I wanted to share with you the biggest addiction I have had all my life since I was a teenager (a long, long time for that) I lived with my family in a small town outside, so when my mother was to the city to buy and I stayed home I always wanted her to bring me Burda magazine, my friends in my same situation then asked her mom to bring teen magazines, singers, gossip, etc. So today I have saved Burda magazines from the 80s. 
Even when motherhood came to my door, Burda was with me helping me realize everything I imagined sewing.
This jacket is for a review process in 1994 when I bought it and I came home I could not think of anything but an equal to me, so that the next day I started to cut it, how my children were still small, I could only sew at times, I remember it took to stitch it all two weeks, I finished a bit tired of it and that was ... if the numbers do not miss this UFO has been in my cave seventeen, it is time to end it, right? Oh, what a shame!
But magazines are not the only vice I have, other partners that share many sewers are fabrics, a small closet full of fabric and magazines in the garage and in my sewing cave is part of the cache as well.
I've spent most of the afternoon reviewing the journals and adding imaginary projects to my wish list, no doubt you know my weakness for fashion los50s and I found this in a magazine Burda 1995, it offers a pattern which appeared in a magazine of the year 50, so it´s in the next project for my wardrobe.
Curiosity overcame me and I searched on internet if it was true that this pattern was in a Burda magazine in 50 and I found a wonderful surprise on this page (I think it is Russian). The image shows a page of the magazine in January 1950, if you are fan of this amazing magazine and you fancy a walk in time can stop by and enjoy as a kid.


  1. It would be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon browsing through all these fantastic issues :)

  2. Now you've given me another website to get lost on for hours! I love to browse through fashion history.

  3. AAAAAH!! I shoudn´t have read your post!! I have Burdas that belonged to my grandmother and still keep dresses she made for my mother so I have a strong ans sentimental attachment to the magazine. It´s just a magazine but it takes me back to my childhood and I love it. Glad you´re well.

  4. I love browsing through my magazines and patterns collection to get inspiration.
    Thank you for the awesome russian link. I am affraid it wil not cure my vintage fashion magazines addiction.

  5. I think we all have the same addiction here Rosy, nice collection of magazines.

  6. Oh wow, I'd love to browse through your collection there. No surprise you are such an amazing seamstress, looking at all your inspiration. How do you choose?
    Also Rosy, I have just nominated you for a stylish blogger award:
    Please share 7 things we didn't know about you yet.
    Thank you

  7. WOW!!!! You have a lot of magazines!!!!!!!! muchisimas!! si...temo decirte que si eres adicta!! Sabes? a mi me gusta comprar esa revista, solo que apenas si tengo unos cuantos numeros, de por si a mexico tardan UN AÑO en llegar, a mi pueblo uuuyyyy creo que se tardan dos o mas y no siempre traen, cuando voy a la capital del estado las busco y las compro pero como te digo son de un año despues o una temporada despues, lo bueno es que en mexico apenas esta de moda lo que en europa estuvo hace un año jajajajaja
    Tienes muchas telas tambien! Yo tambien tengo quizas no tanta pero eso si, tengo un desorden y ya no se donde ponerlo!!
    Por cierto Rosy, como es que hablas tan perfecto ingles? trabajaste en algun lugar donde tenias que hablarlo? o simplemente lo aprendiste por gusto?

  8. Conociéndote un poco, es una adicción muy justificada. Yo debo de tener guardada una tonga de Burdas, por algún sitio. Algunos comprados por mi madre, en su momento y otros por mi. Te mando un besazo.

  9. Wow what a great collection you have! I like looking through my my old magazines too for inspiration, its a nice way to pass time on a rainy day! Glad you are feeling better!

  10. I also have all my Burda magazines from the mid 1980's when I was finally able to purchase a subscription. I love looking through them. Great pattern choice for your next project. I can't wait to read about it.

  11. where there is a wealth of wonderful ... I love the magazines

  12. Oh my gosh, what an AWESOME addiction. Seriously I'm totally jealous. I don't even have one Burda magazine and I'm seriously starting to think I'm missing out.
    I LOVE the 1950s pattern. That's going to turn out great!


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