Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gift of the month in progress ...

   First of all, I want to thank you all for your nice comments about my dress "Marnie, " you get "inflate" my ego dangerously. lol.
   I also want to thank Carolyn for her help with English, I ask you please ... if I make mistakes in the language, feel free to correct me, I'm still learning English and use correct terminology is important to me, if you help me with these errors I will be eternally grateful.

   Okay, so now we go with the gift of movie this March.
  And we continue with shades of violet, Did I ever say that purple is my favorite color always??

 Around a beautiful Swarovski stones in shades of green and purple I'm doing for you a spectacular pendant like the one I made ​​for myself some years ago.

   It's a meticulous process....

   Although the pendant is the same as mine, it has some details that difference, so I looked for all the material needed for it, but the stones size 8 could not be found in the green, and so I had to put transparent glass stones in place.

     In this hour of Sunday night, the pendant is well, very little needed to finish it.
  However I wanted to show you the finished product using my suspension next for you to get an idea of what can be in your power within a short time.
   Sorry you photos with cheeky flash, it's night here now and this is the only way is to take photos.
  In the photo below you can see a better job of hanging and final look at a picture of me posted few  post back

                                                                     Image from this post.

    This is all for now, tomorrow will be completed by hanging and I will add the post for the chosen film in this March to sew a dress from it. That means that tomorrow's post is where you can leave comments to choose to get this spectacular pendant for you.


  1. Rosy,

    Mi niña, se te da todo bien....Tienes unas manos de oro.


  2. Un colgante espectacular!

  3. The pendant is absolutely beautiful!! You have magical hands.

  4. This pendant is spectacular, and looks like an enormous amount of patient work went into it! It is just stunning!
    And thank you for your kind words over on my blog.

  5. This pendant is a beautiful! Such a perfect job, absolutely flawless


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