Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The island is a fridge ...

  It is very cold, very, very cold. Since last Sunday we spend most cold snap called the islands, according to local news on Monday was the coldest day for forty years and these days there has been snow in the higher areas of the island.

Obviously, the islanders are not used to this situation and the comments you can listen wherever you go is "That cold, my God, that cold!"  
  Thus, the only way to cope with the freezing cold when there is´nt enough warm clothes (since they never needed it) is to wear like an onion, that is, with many layers of clothing.
  The hair from the law of gravity in the photo above is not due to any great hair spray, no, it's because of the wind.
However, this remains a blog about sewing and this outfit is what I used this morning to go to work, a wool skirt that I sewed for many, many years, about ten years ago, it is strange that not even remember that it was in a corner of the closet.
  The purpose of this post and some more in the future is that though I sewed so many years there are many clothes that have not yet appeared in this blog, so there will be successive viewing positions for these garments.
This skirt is very easy and comfortable, has four panels and four panels on back, side zipper and has a little lace hem.

The tissue of the neck is a leftover remnant of a blouse, with a little overcast at the edge is the ideal accompaniment to achieve this look 70s.  

Photobucket                                              Image from here
  Here a picture of how beautiful  woke up the summit of the island these days.
  A comment added to that already finished the dress Marnie (previous post) pictures of the details tomorrow.
                      No matter cold or heat, please ... do not forget to enjoy.


  1. Rosy,

    Muchas gracias por tus palabras en mi blog...Menuda sorpresa me he llevado...¿eres canaria también?

    Un beso

  2. I love your beautiful wool skirt! Your whole outfit is so elegant - love it!

  3. no lo puedo creer que me vieras y no te acercaras...otro dia si coincidimos no dejemos pasar la ocasion que me hace mucha ilusion
    un beso

  4. Lovely outfit! Great idea for how to wear a scarf.

  5. You look lovely and elegant. Stay warm! and thank you for your lovely comment on my dress!

  6. You look very stylish even in that cold weather. Wish you to get sun back soon!

  7. Wow - I love your outfit - you look great with the red lipstick.

  8. I think your post is very charming and i love that you take the time to consider your environment when you take the photos. I went to Italy once and had my husband take my pictures ala Dolce Vita and they remain some of my favorites. Keep up the good work!!


  9. Rosy, of all you amazing outfits, this is my favourite I think !


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