Monday, March 7, 2011

Memories of a Sunday

It's nice to enjoy a Sunday went as planned.
The day dawned a little cloudy so I had opportunity to use the cardigan that I had tuned the day before.
However, after mid-morning the sun decided to come out of hiding and left  show off a wonderful day.
The adjustment of the skirt was great, but that was expected with Burda patterns, also helped a lot that the fabric I used has elastane mix, so the convenience is extra bonus for this skirt, I'm thinking of sewing a few in different fabrics and colors with this pattern.
Detail of the shoes that I used for the outfit, they are in my closet many years, but are not widely used because it is a very specific color and somewhat difficult to match, another reason is that when something, whether garment, shoes, bag , etc. I really like, I try to book  and use it as little as possible, so it last many years,  Do same thing happens to you?
     Hey! My mother could recognize herself in this picture!
The island has already received the warm spring and sparks exploded in bright colors.

 Well, on Saturday afternoon, I wear a little time to make the cardigan from a sweater (see previous post), making it very easy and fast, the essential condition is to cut the sweater on the front center and a strip of interfacing point, this step ensures that the two edges of the cardigan will be exactly the same length (no surprises)

Then sew a tape along both edges by folding the end of the tape inside.
Turn over the tape in and sewing, making buttonholes and sewing on buttons.
You can see that I sewed the strip crochet the neck line, but then I realized my big mistake .... this lace crochet has "direction", so the flowers on one side up and on the other side of the neck, lower flowers ... ugly!
So Sunday before leaving, I pulled the strip and used the cardigan crochet without it.

Finally, an exercise in relaxation ... you imagine a cool breeze with the smell of fresh grass, 25 ° C, and birds singing .... look at the picture and you can enjoy Mother Nature ....


  1. oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! BEAUTIFUL photos! I so want to come and visit! I love that first photo...absolutely stunning! The skirt and sweater are fabulous! Great job!!

  2. Tose pictures are fantastic.
    What a beatiful scenery

  3. You live in such a beautiful place!
    Lucky you that you have warm weather.
    The outfit looks fantastic! And those shoes - to die for!

  4. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous weather! The scenery is wonderful and the photos lovely!

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  6. ¡Se ve muy bonita, y estos zapatos son maravillosos! Tengo celos de el tiempo que hace allí también. Todavía hace frío aquí y tengo que llevar mis abrigos. ¡Quisiera llevar todos mis vestidos!

  7. Your photo's are so lovely. I just love the outfit too.

    The sun shine is a nice change from my wet weather.

  8. Your whole outfit is perfection! I'm glad you decided to pull those shoes out of your closet & wear them - they're so cute!

    I've missed visiting your blog...

  9. the outfit is flawless!! love the lace collar on the cardi!

  10. Wonderful photos. The entire outfit was beautiful as well.

    I plan on making that burda skirt. All of the versions I've seen so far a beautiful.

  11. Your skirts fits you so perfect! Love your pics! Your shoes look new!!


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