Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looking for an outfit from recycled

It all started when I was trying to put some order in my closet (well, one of them) and I found in a corner this silk top that I sewed for many years, this top ended in a corner because I never really found nothing to match it, always thinking of sewing something to accompany it that never came.

So I decided to give it a chance, I have next Sunday to attend a small event and I need to wear a sober outfit, but not much. If I was by this with the Pillsbury Emma indigestion I've had this week (we'll talk about that later) I did find something in my cave of sewing, so I could wear.
And Burda came to my rescue again, I remembered a wonderful skirt in the magazine in February and started to sew this afternoon, with the help of magical elves of inspiration and if nothing hinders this project, on Saturday I will have finished the skirt .
To complete the suite, I found a sweater bought three years ago in Zara I did not use much because I find it rather boring, I think the colors go well together thanks to the top link.
The idea is to make the sweater, a cardigan, Grosgrain did long ago a series of posts dedicated to this subject and I think it's a good idea considering the short time I have left to finish everything.

I remembered a kilometer strip of crochet lace, which I did at some point in my life, to add it to the edge of a quilt that I never did .
Can you sew a piece of this strip around the neck only, or perhaps sew the two edges of eyelets and buttons too, I do not know ... decisions ...
                          Either way, please do not forget to enjoy the weekend.


  1. Looks great so far!

  2. Looks like a wonderful combination.

  3. I love the idea of turning it into a cardigan...Lovely colour!
    What about curving the opening at the bottom and softening the line of it and putting lace aroundac all of it (although that may look less Emma Pillsbury)
    or even - what about a bolero....


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