Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Marnie" dress,

A quick post on Sunday night (here) to show progress on the dress of the film in February. You may recall that it was "Marnie" by Alfred Hitchcock and the picture you can see the dress chosen to sew.

   At the time I chose this dress, I was sure I would use the fabric in it. Two meters of beautiful gray fabric has the added charm of the selvages take two strips of black lace embedded, this is a small disadvantage because is that in reality the amount of material available is the amount you bought  it´s  reducedpatterns can not be placed in the traditional manner.
Pattern pieces should be placed horizontally to take advantage of the lace at the hem.

I knew it was going to start sewing this dress on the weekend, so I made ​​sure to have everything I needed for it. I fell in love with these wonderful buttons, They are wonderful above and below as well.

One of the goals to put the pieces of pattern on the fabric, was trying not to cut the strip of lace at the side seams of the dress, I managed to get it. Only one seam on the back, lace around the hem intact.

   In the afternoon, the dress had a decent set, no need for any modification, it's a simple dress.
Here you can see that the side seam of the dress comes to just fit. Still no board, why it is so designated.
Now I need the sleeves and collar, I have clear how to rectify the sleeves to achieve the same effect as the original, but I'm afraid I'll have to make a small muslin for the collar, the excess fabric is very, very low and I do not I can make that gamble.
  And you ..  Did you have a good weekend?  Was it productive??


  1. Well done! You have made a beautiful dress. Marnie is a great movie - have any other Hitchcock movies inspired you?

  2. Beautiful fabric! Very clever, how yo did the hem edge.

  3. Estoy deseando verlo terminado! lo del dobladillo me ha encantao.

  4. This is lovely - it is very Marnie and your fit is perfect! Good job!

  5. Wow this is looking very promising, I can't wait to see the finished dress! I love the lace detail at the hem.

  6. I love this dress, it fits perfect and the buttons and lace are beautiful.

  7. Thank you for your visit and nice comment
    Your outfit is so "french", smart, womanly, astonishing, I am sure I will often look in here

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  9. He descubierto tu blog de costura a través del blog de la inglesita.
    Me encanta el tejido y el detalle en la falda... Envidio "a muerte" el acabado. ja,ja,ja...Es ¡perfecto!
    Estoy deseando verlo acabado.


  10. Your dress is looking wonderful!
    Please do use my idea for the chain and tassel necklace, it is very easy and fun to make, and wear too!

  11. This is so the lace detail! Look forward to the finished dress!

  12. Une robe magnifique et unique et un joli "clin d'oeil à Alfred"!


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