Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Rear Window" 1954, Film and giveaway of March,

So let the film in March, "Rear Window" 1954 film directed by the "master" Hitchcock (Penny-Rose, asked me if there was another Hitchcock movie that inspires me, the list is endless ... Lady)
In this film there is a wide variety of clothing, however, it is very difficult to choose one just because they are all absolutely fantastic

Besides, I've found a question about, although the movie is 1954 and the dresses worn by the beautiful Grace Kelly have this fashion from the 50s clearly in the film there is another character .. that of the sympathetic nurse, a lady of a certain age who wears a 40s inspired dress to accentuate the generation gap, so Photobucket

This black organza dress caught my attention because of the curious who makes the final draped collar, crossing under the breast, the skirt is pleated organdy

This is a spectacular green skirt suit and jacket lined with white duo, the blouse is sooo spectacular.

A close up view of the hat that I fell in love ...It was fun and exciting is that this hat trick, I was surprised when Grace takes off the veil from her hat and face with two clips on the back of the hat and veil it runs out, then remove the hat. ... I never saw this before and new ideas came about it in my head.

Of course, the shirt deserves an honor for Itself, halter neck, bare back, crossed in front with pleats from the waist up to open on his chest, very, very flattering ...

Seductive satin nightie with a robe of gauze in color "nude ", a view of the front and one back .... I'm sure hubbie vote for this, no doubt, LOL.  

 The last swing dress in the film, much appreciated for the spring that started yesterday ...

And the end of the film, Grace looks just as glamorous with a simple coral-colored jeans and shirt, she is just as adorable in anything she wears.
So now it's up to you to vote for the chosen dress to sew for me in this film.
   The rules ... This time we introduce a simple, you must be a follower of this blog,
if you're not yet, I invite you to follow me in the sidebar .

  The second is to leave a comment on this post telling what this film dress I'm going to sew ... do not need it right, you remember .. it's just fun.

Next Saturday will elect a winners at random of all comments on this post and the winner will receive this medallion in a short time in her home.
                         So be encouraged to participate, it's easy!


  1. I like Greace Kelly!!!!


  2. Sin dudarlo,yo me haría el segundo; el de cuerpo negro con la falda blanca y dibujo negro (es espectacular), por lo que digo que te vas a hacer ese.


  3. I pick the white organza dress with flowers. So spring-like. (Again, please leave me out of the running for the gift to let others have a chance.)

  4. I´d kill for the gorgeous halter neck dress in light pink!

  5. These are all gorgeous dresses.. so hard to choose! I pick the pink halter!

  6. ¡Wow! Esta vez no voy a dejar pasar la oportunidad de participar! :DD ¡Me encanta esta película! >_< Y, como siempre, es muy difícil elegir un vestido solamente...

    Yo también me decido por el vestido primaveral :D Aunque la falda del primero y la blusa del segundo me enamoraron completamente... >_<

    De todas formas, Grace Kelly estaba guapísima con lo que se pusiera, vaya estilazo que tenía la mujer u///u

    ¡Besitos Rosy!

  7. For swoon factor, I'd vote for the black and white dress. For practicality and everyday chic, definitely the suit. I could imagine you'd do an amazing job of running that suit together.

  8. Hello, its wonderful that you are blogging about Rear Window. I love this film! I also noticed that the clothing of the nurse was in contrast to Grace Kelly. I love the black and white dress the nurse wears - of all of the costumes in this film it is glamourous AND practical!

  9. Y qué alegría me da haberte encontrado a tí. Biennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  10. En mi blog, a traves del siguiente link, puedes acceder al post que te he dedicado:


  11. Oh, Grace Kelly is one of my favourites! I like all he dresses.
    I like the white wrap blouse that goes with light-green suit.

  12. I would say either the black and white dress, because it's the most iconic from this film, or the green suit, cause that shirt is indeed to die for.

  13. Türkiye'den selamlar gönderiyorum. Bu film benim en sevdiğim filmlerden biridir. Ayrıca, sizin bloğunuzu da çok sevdim. Dikişleriniz çok profösyonelce, çok net, çok güzel. Ellerinize sağlık.


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