Monday, March 28, 2011

Winner and suit chosen

   I should have posted this yesterday, but the time I was out of hand and there was no possibility of doing it, so today we are winning film in March, "Rear Window. "
   Although the giveaway entry are twelve comments, I'll tell only eleven because two of them are made ​​by the same person, I've also taken the decision to have all of them (the 11) although some did not include reference to dresses film, I'm just grateful to everyone.

Then randomly chose the number nine, this comment belongs to a wonderful person living across the Atlantic Ocean,                                             Sacramento
So  Sacramento, you're the new owner of this pendant with its  chain .

Now for the chosen suit of this film "Rear Window. "

   Finally I'm going to sew for me this suit of black top with swing skirt, and ... with some 
   Although the beautiful Grace Kelly was divine, with any garment. I start from the idea that I will attend an event next April, however, I assume that I am a certain age to go through life dressed like a newlywed bride, so some changes in the suit will result best for me and I'll feel more comfortable wearing it (it is very important)

.   To begin neckline ends in V in the back and front black top, I'll close the back, use a neckline on the front line is fine, but the back is to teach too much "skin" for my taste. I remember a Burda magazine pattern somewhere in my stash that will help this top, I chose a very fine knit fabric and I think it is perfect for the top.
   One idea I have is sewing gloves with black fabric of the top, then embroidered with the same color thread  as the skirt and the outside of the glove by a drawing to match the skirt, What do you think about? Any advice??

   For the skirt I chose a thin cotton-polyester fabricwith ligh blue that has a wonderful weight, the drawings of spikes that are in the original skirt (I think they are embroidered with jewels) I'm going to paint them on the fabric when the skirt is finished with fabric paint.
  Fabric paint is nothing new for me, although some time ago that I do not practice, I can show this shirt I bought at a local store years ago and changed its appearance with textile paints and a little imagination.

                                                     Ok, so... Let´s go.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Soy la ganadora, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Quieres mi dirección, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Cuánta emoción Rosy.
    Mil gracias corazón.

  2. Felicidades a la ganadora!!!!

    Rosy, he estado mirando en tu blog tus entradas antiguas y, ¡que casualidad!, tu hijo es informático...Busca a Cristian en el diploma de tu hijo...Es mi hermano.


  3. You are so creative and you have amazing sewing skills! The dress is going to look amazing and I can't wait to see how you paint it :-)

  4. Love the painted shirt I have wanted to try some hand painting on fabrics myself any advice?

  5. oooohhh! i am so excited for this one! you are one talented lady! I love the fabric paints!!

  6. ¡Que bonito! No puedo esperar a ver tu vestido.
    Me gusta mucho tu proyecto de coser cada mes un vestido de una película famosa.

  7. This will be so beautiful & I cant wait to see your creative changes!!

  8. You are a very talented artist, that fabric painting is totally superb!

  9. I can't wait to see your new creation. The dress promise to be beautiful.


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