Monday, April 25, 2011

Yep! I have not sewn much this week, but ......

   That's not to say that I was with my hands still, (this is not possible for me).

  Sometimes I think that my hobbies are cyclical stages, I can be a time sewing non-stop and enjoy sewing as a magic .... and then comes the boredom and I have to change the activity to return to recharge, as you pass?  So far, this Easter, I did crochet and I'm embroidering a small blanket for the baby that was my niece, but that's another post ...

This story began when hubby and I enjoyed a weekend of beach and I'm always in the need for something to amuse there while hubby reads the paper ....

 Some time ago, I've been in love with the hairnets worn by women in the 40s, however, I thought to turn a little more original and not have to use hair clips to hold the snood.Thinking, if I get attached to a headband the snood .... the problem is solved!                                                              
  I looked for a headband with a possible structure for the crochet hook in it, then sewed some black elastic at both ends of the headband and I started to crochet in it ....

This is the result, I did not use a pattern to it, I was simply adding or deleting arcs while doing it.

I have yet to have enough courage to use it first ... I have to curl my hair (which it is low volume) so that the snood end "full" and have a pretty appearance

     From here
  Secondly, my hair is not black ... so I think the black snood on my head is quite "striking"
 And looking at my wardrobe, I think the snood would be fine on this outfit .... Would I  try it??
 What do you think about??

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday hat IV

To be honest, there was no hat Friday last weekend.  Hubby was not feeling well and after work, we went straight home ....

  However, I wanted to share with you some photos of the hat I intended to use this Friday,remember that it is made ​​from pants that came with this jacket.

   I used it to line silk shantung, I like the contrast between the tweed and silk, such as water and fire ....

   Actually make the hat took about two hours total, I used interface on the rim of up turned hat.

The funny thing for me is to sew a strip of braid around the brim of the hat, (I love hand sewing ...) and repeat this on the edge of the lapels of his jacket  and pockets.

   I imagine wearing this jacket with a burgundy skirt .... a skirt just below the knee ....maybe a skirt with panels that widen at the bottom of it .... all together, the suit with hatand my hair curly .... an image that evokes the turn of the century fashion .. 
However, all this suit will go straight to the closet, because the weather is too hot to wear it.
So it's best to go for the hat next Friday ....
 I have a plan to use the necklace that I made ​​last week.  Meanwhile, have a great week ... please.

Monday, April 11, 2011

This was not planned ..


  It just happened ... indeed all started when I finished making the pendant that was the gift of the month of MarchThis pendant finished is in  Sacramento's home, a beautiful person that I am delighted to have discovered.

  Basically overrun  beads about pendant  and I started playing with them.

It was fun while it was growing, I can almost say it was addictive ... but when there was very little to end the length of the necklace, the beads were completed.
I looked in stores, but I found, so I had to find a way to end the length of the collar and added beautiful pearls of the same color of the beads.

Finally I think this is a very fun and elegant necklace at a time, you can see that in the front, it looks like a thick collar reminiscent of the 50s ....

  However, the back is a thin end of pearls. I'm really in love with this necklace! Yes, Iknow I always say the same about the things I do ... but that's why I do ... because I like a lot, That is a good reason, right?
  Add to this the reason that this necklace is part of an upcoming Friday hat  outfits.
          I hope you have enjoyed a great weekend.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday hat III

  Continuing the series hats Friday, yesterday was  day to wear   ....

   In fact, this hat was bought a few weeks back and when it came home with me was so ...

And few minutes later it was so ...

It was a wonderful evening, there was time to enjoy good company, nice ride ...

                        Enjoy ice cream, yummy ....

And replenish energy so as to prepare the  outfit for next Friday hat .... Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change buttons to zip on jeans. Tutorial

    I had planned to bring forward some projects for remodeling in different clothes during this week.
   Are those items that need some kind of arrangement and always will be forgotten because they aren´t  new projects, however, when they are completed (usually within a couple of hours or less) give so much joy that we  thought that was why they were  so long forgotten in a corner.
  This is one of them, a man jeans with button closure, he hates the buttons because they are uncomfortable, so I put a zipper is the solution.

  First of all, we get an exact size zipper, sewing up the "teeth " metal is not recommended.

   Remove buttons with pliers, they resist a little, but there is always the remedy for hubby remove the buttons, after all, the pants belong to him.

   Rip (with tons of patience) all seams where after the zipper is sewn in the photo I have put red lines to indicate the sections that are ripped.

   Place the first part of the zipper between the two layers as shown in photo,  I have  placed  simple navy blue thread for sewing, the color of the fabric, but I've been twice (once on top of another) to make the seams resistant.

   This was the first part of the rack, now let's put the other part ..

   It is important to sew the zipper in the exact place to prevent wrinkles and the pants have the same contour as before. To achieve this, close the button on the waistband ...

  Keeping the close button on the wrong side of the pants put the other side of the rack holding pins,  You can see in the image you just sew the zipper to the web simple, no sew the outer fabric of the closure, only the tab and the zipper ...

  Here you can see where to spend the seam of the zipper with the inside lip.

   At this point, you should check that the zipper closed is not strange wrinkles or bags.  If everything is correct on this point, then it's time to sew the sections of the waistband and put in the sewing machine heavy thread to sew the seams of " view. "

To "finish" the threads over the beginning and end of each seam, it´s useful to switch the two threads on the wrong side of the garment. After tying knots between themthreading a needle with a hole big enough to get them together. Into the needle in the same exit site of the threads.

  Remove the needle about ctms later. Importantly, the needle must "pass"between the two layers of fabric so that the threads remain trapped within them. Cut the threads.
  The last step is to sew the seam of "view"of the zipper from the outside , this time to sew the two layers of fabric, the exterior zipper tab, end the threads in the same way as in the previous photos.

   Finally briefly sewing stitches to attach the tab that protects the skin, with the tab on the other side.

 Ok, that's it. Now comes the most rewarding part of the process .... Deliver  trousers to hubby, ONLY in exchange for a small "reward" ... it may be some new shoes, or anything that you've been wanting.
 Well, you know that English is not my native language, so if you have any corrections or questions you do about it, just leave it here or e-mail, I will be happy to help.
    Happy sewing, Lady and ... happy "reward"!!!