Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday hat IV

To be honest, there was no hat Friday last weekend.  Hubby was not feeling well and after work, we went straight home ....

  However, I wanted to share with you some photos of the hat I intended to use this Friday,remember that it is made ​​from pants that came with this jacket.

   I used it to line silk shantung, I like the contrast between the tweed and silk, such as water and fire ....

   Actually make the hat took about two hours total, I used interface on the rim of up turned hat.

The funny thing for me is to sew a strip of braid around the brim of the hat, (I love hand sewing ...) and repeat this on the edge of the lapels of his jacket  and pockets.

   I imagine wearing this jacket with a burgundy skirt .... a skirt just below the knee ....maybe a skirt with panels that widen at the bottom of it .... all together, the suit with hatand my hair curly .... an image that evokes the turn of the century fashion .. 
However, all this suit will go straight to the closet, because the weather is too hot to wear it.
So it's best to go for the hat next Friday ....
 I have a plan to use the necklace that I made ​​last week.  Meanwhile, have a great week ... please.


  1. This is so pretty - I love the ribbon sewn on the jacket as well - it looks gorgeous. :)

  2. Hola Rosi!!!,con este diseño me recordaste a Coco Chanel,eres una artista.¿Para cuando una visita?,no te dejes ir que me temo que me queda poco por aquí.
    Un beso guapa!!!

  3. Eres toda una artista!

  4. ¡Que mono te ha quedado!. Me encanta el color y la forma. Estoy deseando verlo puesto.


  5. Me tienes deseosa de vértelo todo puesto, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Tienes manos mágicas y llenas mi vida de inspiración, mi preciosa Rosy.

  6. Lovely jacket and hat. J really like it, spring greetings.

  7. Hi there,

    that is so lovely! I just discovered your blog and I think that you look great and always very smart and distinguished! Love your style and am in awe of your handmade dresses. I started sewing last year and I'm hoping to make my own dresses after vintage patterns soon. Your blog is a huge inspiration!


  8. I love your hat. These flowers so lovely on it.
    Hand sewing my favourite, too. :-)

  9. Hello Rosy, I LOVE your hat and jacket. Here in New Zealand it is early Autumn and the leaves are starting to change to gold and red, and your jacket and hat would be perfect to wear for a walk in the park with someone special. I can't read or speak spanish but I recognise the name Coco Chanel in Maria's comment and of course Coco designed hats before she designed clothes. I think your hat is gorgeous.

  10. Hello Rosy,
    This hat is beautiful and together with a jacket makes a wonderful ensemble. :)

  11. such an original hat design! a pleasure again to see what you've been up to!:)

  12. SEW Smart!! lOVING THIS ENSEMBLE!! Hats need to be worn more, I love what you are promoting, style for miles!

  13. Wow, that is a beautiful ensemble. The shape of the hat is wonderful. What is the pattern?

  14. OMG I love your hat and jacket!!!
    beautiful, amazing, unique...

  15. This is beautiful, how did I miss this on my reader? Wow you did such a nice job with adding the flowers, it really makes it perfect!

  16. Rosy, first time reading, commenting on your blog( as well as following).
    I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities!
    The jacket and the hat do have a turn of the century look to them and the are fantastically well done!
    Have a great Easter weekend,

  17. Wow, you did a remarkable job transforming your suit into a cute hat and jacket.


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