Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hat on Friday, tutorial

   Beginning with the theme of the hat every Friday that I began last Friday, so I felt like new hat this week, I looked in my city stores but not found nothing decent to take the lead.
  Then I decided to make myself a hat, yes, all materials it was in my cave of sewing, this means that I have a new hat this week for zero euros.

   The idea gave me a humble straw hat, from which we use to protect us from the sun, there are a few of these in my cave and I chose a color from the sun to celebrate the arrival of spring.

    Now we have to cut the way we want to give the hat and cut with scissors, it gives no problems.
  And while, I'm watching everything that exists in my sewing cave that can serve this color hat to take everything in sight.

      Now it´s  time to "clean up " the edges have been cut with scissors, so it is best to sew bias binding tape in the same color hat, sew with  machine strip three cm.  before the end, then inserted into the fold bias tape a piece of wire of the same size hat brim, when the wire is inside, finish sewing the edges and close completely.

     Well, the base of the hat is finished and I'm going to use a headband to hold the hat on my head, you can also use a small comb, but I think that the way that has this hat works best with a headset because it can hold the side of the hat against the head.

     And now comes the fun part of work, which is to decorate the little hat ...
  here, the only thing that limits are your imagination and creativity, I want a hat that can be used by day, so do not wear anything shiny or big feathers.     
  I started putting a small group of feathers on one side and covered the rest with jute tapethat I was "wrinkled" and sewing with tiny stitches by hand to cover the hat.

   And thus ended the hat, I added on jute tape a little flower is actually a button, and twosmall bees hovering announcing spring

   Voila! The best thing is that this hat is attached at the head perfectly, does not move the site and the sides of the headband are hidden between the hair.

   Now I have to choose the rest of the items that go along with this hat to get the outfit I have in my head and enjoy a beautiful evening. In the next post will be photos of the full outfit, of course.

    This hat has a small resemblance to hats popular in the 50s are my favorite fashion decade. So I'm going to enjoy much of it.
   And you do not forget to enjoy much of the little things of life, please. Happy weekend.


  1. Brilliant!!! I would have never thought to cut up a hat to make a different shaped base. I'm going to have to try this very soon. Thank you so much for the fantastic tutorial! xoxo

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Looks so lovely. You have so many wonderful ideas.

  3. Oh, so beautiful! What a great idea for making a new hat. Wonderful job!

  4. Wonderful, lovely and pretty! And FREE! I like your use of the word "cave" hehee.

    You make me want to make some more hats, but I already have two shelves of them in my livingroom!

  5. Oh, God! You are so creative! You have a real talent! If you had lived at the time of Chanel or earlier you could have made a name and fortune making such pretty hats!

  6. Oye, es alucinante! ooo tienes que hacerme uno!

  7. Rosy this is such a great piece. I agree with the other ladies - absolutely brilliant idea. Pure inspiration here!

  8. surprising and insanely good looking! wow:)

  9. Oh wicked, this is gorgeous! You're so creative, fantastic!

  10. Aren´t you just fantastic????
    I love the 50s 40s so muc, ahhhhhhhhh
    I am dying to see the whole outfit.
    Enjoy yor weekend, my friend.

  11. Woow You are such a smart girl. I gasped of amazement!!! You are so talented. Thaanks for reminding us of all the treasures are sleeping in our sewing boxes.
    Amazing and beautiful!!!!

  12. Wow - a very retro idea and you reworked your hat so perfectly! I can't wait your outfit with the new hat:-)

  13. Ah, I adore the intensity of colour and the hat is so pretty, too. You have intelligent and creative hands;-)

  14. that is just soo cute!! really lovely and perfect for spring.
    you have such a talent!!

  15. This is a brilliant post-thank you! It reminds me so much of a hat my mother made in the 50s but the feather trim is soooo lovely!

    looking forward to seeing the outfit!

  16. Cute hat! Thanks for the tutorial, this looks like a great way to diy a hat.

  17. WOWWWWWWWW !! NO habia visto que tu habias hecho el sombrero!! esta genial! solo vi tu ultima entrada y pense que era un sombrero vintage, PERO que bien te quedo....por ahi tengo algunos sombreros de paja en casa y han estado abandonados por años.......quizas intente hacer algo asi! =)


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