Saturday, May 28, 2011

Punctuality isn´t one of my virtues ....

  I do not know why, but my life is total chaos lately, since early this week I had planned to sew the dress that was on my wish list since May 2001, (many years on the waiting list, no? ?) this beautiful pattern appeared on  Burda magazine  in May of that year and since I saw it, I knew that someday it would be in my closet.

However, this model of the magazine, is a skirt and I knew I wanted a dress with it.
So, What did I do with it ???... I chose the model of the skirt and joined a pattern of a top that appears in the same magazine, simply by splicing the waistline and altering some darts so the pattern fit.

To obtain this dress, I looked in my stash some white fabric, I found a meter cotton pique and some cotton poplin for lining it, in my mind I played with the idea of using a pants in my closet that takes four years ago and I do not use much, a pant a little uncomfortable for me it became the perfect combination of fabric contrasts requests by the dress.

   So, I had to make do with sewing in the afternoon on Saturday and now, at 23.40 pm, I have completed this ....
The dress is almost finished, fully lined, so it remains to determine any alteration with the green fabric for the neckline and armholes, I still do not know what I do with this, I want to think over this fact.
   And then embroider flowers, of course, this embroidery is the point of attraction of this dress, for that I have the Sunday evening and Monday (which is a holiday here), so I hope that by Monday night perhaps it is finished, until then ....
  Happy sewing, Ladies!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rule, Britannia, my dress....


  After so long, I´m  getting back , to enjoy my spare time with the best thing in the world ... sewing!.
   So I spend the last two days to sew a dress for this week  theme  at " Sew Weekly". It´s   "Rule, Britannia" with white, blue and red....

  I chose for this occasion a pattern of Burda May 2009, with a sailor print fabric in beautiful and bright colors, white, navy blue and red.
  I eliminated the rufles that takes the original model at the neckline and hem line, in its place, I opted for a stitch tip that makes overlock, it is called "Repulgue" in my language, please , What is its name in English???

    Now I have new batteries installed,  a new dress in my closet gives me new energy and a head full of ideas, I hope that this dress has liked you as much as me and I am on the next project,  my closet is filling with garments made ​​by me step by step, which is my dream ....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cosplay, the day....

  Since I had yet to show you photos of the event last weekend at the "Salon del Manga". The photo above shows the character played by my son for whom I sewed the"costumewhen it comes to represent these characters, the boys "put" a lot in the "paper" to"usurp" the personality of the character in question, however ... you should apologize to my son since the mid-event he felt unwell and when he got home he was really emaciated by fever.

  In the days before the event, my sewing cave flurry suffered total for everything was perfect for the final day ...

  And while I was busy sewing fabrics and garments to shape the character, my son was dealing with eyelets and others ....

  Even he made  the jewelry ​​with fimo paste and acrylic paints, the most fun of all this is that while we prepare the  things, we shared together too much conversation and some other confidence, so this serves to enjoy the relationship mother-son and strengthen it.

  Here are some random pictures of many other participants of the event, each participant makes her-his own costume and put many hours of work and imagination to transform materials available in strange accessories and get the look. You can see the beautiful blue girl is the same "cat-eyed witch" from the previous post, she has sewn this wonderful costume with her ​​own hands, all are divine!

So far, the Odyssey "4 º Salon del Manga"in this beautiful island of Gran Canaria, the boys are already thinking about the next characters to fill with light and color the next festival and I'm already fully involved in the return to my blog and resume my sewing with all that I left half done ... So here I am again!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to Cosplay

  An event that has become fashionable in the islands is the phenomenon of "cosplay" My oldest son several years ago who dresses cartoon characters or video games along with some friends.

  A couple of times a year, there are fairs here and the kids of all ages dress up and playin these macro-meetings. I've been sewing a few years I have used costumes based on characters from video games.

  In addition, sewing these costumes is fun and creative, as though I am dedicated to sewing garments, mainly, the outfits created are complemented by a myriad of accessories to be created from scratch based on imagination. As evidenced by the photos of another years.


  This great witch is a test of how far they all are involved to carry out an idea based on basic materials and creativity.

   Many times the clothes are recycled the following year with imagination to change the character, here my son, sleeveless jacket shown in the photos above.  

  This is another character based on another game that I sewed for a friend of my son.

  And last year, I and His friends decided to clothe the "Steampunk", if you look at this link, you can see that they were submitted to the contest for the best and they won.

   So ... with your permission, I'm going to "lose" all this week because I am again in the process of costume this year for my son, it has to be completed by Friday morning and I have ears among fabrics, paints and accessories to create bizarre ....
  I'll be back soon with new pictures of the costumes created for the occasion, mean while,please ... enjoy life.