Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to Cosplay

  An event that has become fashionable in the islands is the phenomenon of "cosplay" My oldest son several years ago who dresses cartoon characters or video games along with some friends.

  A couple of times a year, there are fairs here and the kids of all ages dress up and playin these macro-meetings. I've been sewing a few years I have used costumes based on characters from video games.

  In addition, sewing these costumes is fun and creative, as though I am dedicated to sewing garments, mainly, the outfits created are complemented by a myriad of accessories to be created from scratch based on imagination. As evidenced by the photos of another years.


  This great witch is a test of how far they all are involved to carry out an idea based on basic materials and creativity.

   Many times the clothes are recycled the following year with imagination to change the character, here my son, sleeveless jacket shown in the photos above.  

  This is another character based on another game that I sewed for a friend of my son.

  And last year, I and His friends decided to clothe the "Steampunk", if you look at this link, you can see that they were submitted to the contest for the best and they won.

   So ... with your permission, I'm going to "lose" all this week because I am again in the process of costume this year for my son, it has to be completed by Friday morning and I have ears among fabrics, paints and accessories to create bizarre ....
  I'll be back soon with new pictures of the costumes created for the occasion, mean while,please ... enjoy life.


  1. Que te echo mucho de menos, ahhhhhhh
    Eres tan maravillosa. Qué maravilla hacer disfraces.
    Besos desde Berlin.

  2. oohhh...I love cosplay! Cant' wait to see what you make. the steampunk outfits from last year are amazing!!

  3. What fun! I love sewing costumes: although I've only even sewn for myself, so maybe more pressure when making them for someone else. Best of luck, and I can't wait to see the photos from this year!

  4. cosplay looks like a lot of fun - enjoy creating costumes for this year's event!

  5. Rosy is nice to have you back. Cosplay is very big in our house, with my younger daughter, her friends and in South Florida. I'm a Japanese animation fan since the 80's so my girls and I had been to at least 8 of this "Anime Fairs". Great job, your son is lucky to have such a talented mother.

  6. I've never heard of something like this. How fun!!

  7. Hi - love those costumes! Especially the steam punk ones which I would like to make myself. Looking forward to seeing this years creation!

  8. wow this is so cool! wishing you good luck and inspiration for this year's costume!

  9. These costumes are intense!! The cat eyes are really scary :o

  10. It is popular here too....your son will be great!


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