Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick weekend in striped ...

No. ... not that I have spent the weekend in striped ...
  Simply, the time goes faster than me lately, so all I could sew up today is a pair of knickers .... with stripes ....
   However, all this has a story ... My dear Sarah wrote a post about her "virginity" with Anthropologie, so I also wanted to look at clothes that are in that store (I did not know either) and I was struck by a piece of swimwear .... .
Photobucket  Photobucket
  Then I fell rendered to the irresistible charm of this "bikini" totally retro.
  I remembered that I had very thin knit fabric in my stash, the fabric is thin and thick enough to make a bikini or a shirt, yet I am not sure that this "short" is flattering on my figure ....  my wide  waist is a problem and perhaps I may seem old-fashioned rather than retro .... so I thought I'd do a test to be sure of the effect of this short on me.
    I found one ..... What would you call it??   Knickers??    Panties??    Culotte??    Strangely??    also in my stash ....
   I have the strange habit of saving everything, even a short old goes to my stash waiting to serve as a pattern.
   My son says I am a clear project for "Diogenes Syndrome"
   Although I knew that this was simply a muslin to decide whether this type of bikini was flattering to my figure, I did not want it out the trash when it finished. So I decided to make briefs with it, all edges finished with elastic for lingerie.
Well ... the verdict is favorable, with the imposition of a little shortening the height of the short, it really doesn´t look good on my waist, but it is nice when it´s two inches below my waist line,  the pattern that I used is well for this project by making some alterations in it, the front looks like a short  and the back has the line cut over the buttocks, so it looks a nice ass.

    Ok! New project underway.....    


  1. Rosy, you have a gifted and prolific imagination and sewing abilities.
    The end results is a grorgeous piece!


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