Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lord blog, you me getting desperate ...

     For some reason, Blogger will not let show, my last post I published yesterday, I know it's in my blog and you can see it if you come into my home page, but this last post does not appear in Google reader or the links to blogs that have linked to me. Today I went to publish the same post with the tutorial (if that was the problem of its own post) but there is no solution, as usual ...
  Has anyone else had this problem??


  1. The problem I am having with blogger is that there are some blogs it won't let me make comments on. It is driving me crazy.

  2. I'm having problems commenting on blogs it keeps asking me to sign in over and over again and then after the 3 or 4 try it works.

  3. Have you already tried to change the editor? May be it works with the old editor instead of the new...or vice versa?!


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