Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make inner facing of a dress. Tutorial II

Photobucket Facing cut with the pattern up, unfold it and place now interface on the wrong side  of the fabric. You must decide which interface to place according to the weight of the fabric,interface should enhance the fabric but not to make it rigid.
Photobucket You get this with facing unfolded ...
Photobucket Now, overlock around the bottom edge of facing .... if you don´t use overlock, to"cleanse" the edge of the facing with bias tape.
Photobucket Ok, girl ... comes the fun .... put the facing on dress, the sides "good" of the fabrics found each other, start by placing the center of facing above the front neck line and place pins from the center to the sides, remember that shoulders of your dress are ripped  and separated.
  Then place pins in facing starting from the center of the armhole (side seam of the dress) to the shoulders and finally from the center of the rack (back) to the shoulders. If you followed all the steps correctly, facing fits over the dress perfectly.
Photobucket Sew around the neckline, armholes line and back line, leaving a centimeter seam allowance, however, consider a couple of additional caveats ...
Photobucket Sew along these lines and finish the seam one centimeter and half  before the shoulder seam, the seam of the shoulder where it joins the front shoulder with the shoulder back. The image shows up where it should be you sewed the seam lines on the neck and armholes.
Photobucket The back seam line should be up to two centimeters before the zipper. Observe the image.

    So far the first part of this tutorial, if you have questions or need to understand something, you know ... shout!
I will try to help resolve all your doubts.
The next tuto will be to solve the finish of the back in facing with the zipper.


  1. This comes at a really good time! I just made a dress that is sleeveless and the vintage instructions are the same up until now (more or less).

    I'm now making the same dress again but I'm choosing to line it and have no facings. I want to use this tutorial for the lining http://stitchywitch.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/tutorial-lining-a-sleeveless-dress/

    But my dress has a center back zipper and I don't know if I can use the same method. Do you think it will work or be even easier?
    I can't find anything online that explains in pictures (not just words)...I guess it's assumed these things are already known! I don't have any sewing books that explain this.

    Or do you think I should still add facings? I've already cut the lining though. Hmm. Confused!!!

  2. Gracias por el tutorial, me encanta que muestres fotos porque siempre es mucho mas facil entender las imagenes que las palabras.......bueno, al menos lo es para mi!!

  3. Thanks, this is very useful.

  4. This is perfect as I am starting my toile for my Vogue pattern!

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