Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make inner facing of a dress. Tutorial III

Photobucket Now is the time to make small cuts around the seam allowance to help "turn" the fabric of the good side when the time comes. Be careful not to cut the stitches.
Photobucket With the back of the dress up and show the wrong side facing, holding the position of facing properly with some pins, as shown in the image, the back of the dress as the facing should lie flat on the table, without wrinkles.
Photobucket Photobucket
  Secure with pins the two tissues (seam allowance after the zipper and facing) but with a little magic trick, while facing is extended in flat, the seam allowance before  the zipper should be "crumpled" about a centimeter, the images shown the positions of two sides of the seam.
Photobucket Sew from the top to the end of the facing, in the image, sew the seam allowance after the zipper, you will see that there is now excess fabric facing, one centimeter approximately.
  Cut the excess fabric so that both layers be equal.
Photobucket Turn out the seam allowance as shown in the picture, the zipper should be in the same fold, you can ensure this with your fingers touching the bulk of the zipper between the layers of fabric. Continue sewing the top edge of the neckline where you left standing above the seam, being careful not to move the needle on the teeth of the zipper, you should just sew the top edge where the zipper ends, take a few stitches security.
   Carefully cut the corners to remove the excess tissue.
   Turn these corners outward, turning and  Voila! You get this look of high fashion on the outside and inside of the garment. Of course, this method is the same used for the waistband of a skirt.


  1. This was a wonderful photo tutorial.....I like these visual tutorials of yours! I will use this soon! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this series of tutorials! My mom asked for a dress for the office and I'm gonna use this tutorial on that! <3


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