Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wild West Skirt

   My life has been very rotten this week and part of the previous ....
  Last Thursday, nine days ago, I discovered (a little scared) a lump in my breast ... so since then, time has gone on doctors, tests, and all types of checks ...
That has not left me much time to sew ... Sewing is my calming, my anesthesia and my therapy. Well, this morning ended all medical checks and has discovered a total of five lumps in my breasts ... yes, five! Fortunately, all are benign, so there is no danger now... but the bad time and trouble has taken its toll.

   However, I managed to get some time to sew a skirt-style "country." It's no big project, but I assure you that this skirt was eternal for me.
   The first mistake was I "in love" of the fabric, weight it is so hard that I can put the skirt on the floor (standing) and the skirt is "upright" completely stiff! The good counterweight is that the fabric has elastic so it may even be comfortable to use, that I'll find out tomorrow.
  However, I know that I can fully love this skirt and all the beautiful details that differentiate it from the rest, the pattern is taken from Burda Style Magazine, December 2009.
  Although the piece of semicircle back, enters the front of the skirt, I got it up the side seam, simply, I had a meter of fabric only, so you had to save fabric for full skirt.
   Photobucket  I wore black denim fabric with some spandex, and the contrast of white fabric for pockets and topstitching.
    At the edges of the front pockets, I  embroidered of white thread triangle, in fact, this embroidery is called "stitch fly," and it is a technique of tailoring to "reinforce" areas subject to wear. As well as the characteristic look of the clothes "Western", they have dual function of protecting the ends of the pockets.
Photobucket  The embroidery done on several layers of denim fabric as well as pockets, finished with several of my nails.
Photobucket Photobucket 
   The skirt front view, can not be guessed so much fun back ....
    The back has a fun piece semicircular that makes this skirt very feminine ...
   The back pockets embroidered repeat the same theme as the front, the embroidery is done with a sig-zag stitch very tight with the sewing machine ...
Photobucket Metal zip detail due to lack of fabric and partly to avoid a lot thick with layers of this denim, many interior parts of the skirt is made ​​with black fabric, light weight. The interior of the rack and the inside waistband piece was made with this lightweight fabric.
   Finally, a view of the wrong side of the skirt ....
  Tomorrow ... if there is no setback, a funny scene using this skirt with all the consequences .... and a story to tell ....


  1. First, I am glad that all the lumps were benign. I have had breast cancer and I would not wish it on anyone. The waiting on all the tests is so hard.
    Your skirt is beautiful. Your sewing is impeccable. I so envy you the talent you have.

  2. Oh Rosy.....I am relieved that it is benign! This must have been a trying hard time for you these last 9 days....I will keep you in my prayers that everything continues with good health for you! Your skirt is beautiful & I dont think I have ever seen you wear denim so I am looking forward to your story & photos!

  3. This is a very detailed sewn skirt. excellent ROSY

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are all right! That is very scary, when doctors find such things.
    The skirt looks wonderful. As usual - you take something so simple and make it into a work of art.

  5. Oh my but what a horrible ordeal to go through. I'm so glad that the lumps were all benign! What a relief for you!
    As for that skirt.It's gorgeous ! I love it. It inspires me to make one just like it in the near future!

  6. Thank God the lumps were benign . You must of been so worried . You skirt is beautiful .

  7. Thank god - there is no danger to your healthyness.
    As to your 'therapy': I am courious about the skirt's shape... at the time when you are wearing it. You have chosen an interesting pattern!

  8. sorry to hear about your worries, glad news are rather good... relax, rest enough... you will soon forget about this... as for the skirt- I love the pattern, unexpected back - so functional and ingenious!

  9. I know it's beem a horrible time for you. Now you can breathe again. So glad you had good news. Your skirt is totally cute, and should soften up in time. Nice sewing.

  10. I'm glad to hear that you are all right! Health is the most important value in life.
    Your skirt looks wonderful. You are fantastic artist.

  11. Thank goodness those lumps were benign - it must have been a very scary time. Your skirt looks great, the details are so perfect looking as usual, and thank you too for showing us the inside out view.

  12. So sorry to hear of your stress and thrilled to hear that you remain healthy. Big sigh of relief!

  13. Such a fun skirt, the embroidery designs are fantastic.

    So glad everything is okay!


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