Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Two Hours" Skirt...

   It was time to give another push to the challenge raised by our lovely Gina, it´s to get a   "partner" for all those clothes hanging in our closet that we do not use because they don´t go well with everything else....  

   So I had this beautiful top spot in my closet for a while and I decided to close that gap.

   For starters, I found this little piece of plaids fabric in my stash, it was a very small piece left over from some previous project, so I had to find a way to get something with this....

Photobucket Photobucket

   This was really easy and fast, only took me two hours to cut and sew it. The base was cut off the top of a pencil skirt pattern, like a peplum... and add the rest of the fabric by making small folds, so fast...

 And the next day morning I was already using it, another suit in my wardrobe , Yeah!!!


    Now a little secret... I get up at half past six in the morning, I found this great picture from my balcony when I got a few days ago.... I promise yu that this photo is not retouched, it´s as it´s picked up the camera and ... I knew that I had found the perfect inspiration for my next project...

      So.... Happy Sewing, Ladies...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SSS´11 Last week.

Monday Back to work again ... so today a suit of pants and top that I sewed in September , last year, the top is embroidered by me too. Blogged here:
I also am using the pendant that I did, it colors blend well with the suit today, I love this pendant. here:



Today I decided to take a bright spark of color to a cloudy day! So I am wearing my dress, "Liz Claiborne inspiration", this dress was sewn from a Burda pattern that is very famous among the users of the Burda magazine elegant lines. I chose bright red accessories to smile to this day, although you may see me with a wrinkled face ... the instantaneous play tricks, but I assure you that I was smiling seconds before!
The original pattern is a winter dress with long sleeves ... I did my sleeveless version here:
If you want to play any top or dress without sleeves and get an inner Facing with high couture techniques, I made four tutorials to accomplish this, step by step, here:


Another bright day ... You can see my weakness for bright colors throughout this month, I use some black and muted colors .. and when I use them, I like to give a touch of color too. Today I am wearing the skirt that stopped being a UFO to become part of this outfit, with my petticoat underneath to get a touch of the 60s.
Although not very visible in the photo, so you can see on the horizon is the sea, today dawned cloudy and the picture is made at eight in the morning, however, temperatures pleasant to wear short sleeves this time.
Skirt blogged here:


An unexpected diversion today after work ...  my friend´s fabric store!!, I call it "Aladdin's Cave" you can find there the most beautiful fabrics in the world! Today I am wearing my dress "Versatile" in beautiful blue ... Ladies please ... let's fill the world of color! Blogged here:


Hey! Friday! The sky threatened rain and I have hope ... while listening to the song "It's raining men", but does not drop anything ....
Today I used the skirt sewn in May last year here:
The blouse is also sewn by me many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so no blogging for it.
And you can see a new haircut here... yes, it was time!!

Go shopping in the capital is an occasion to wear the dress "Delicate Paisley". I'm not sure if it's the beautiful fabric, the pattern of the dress or what is the reason ... I know this dress is admired when I use it. Well, I think it is beautiful.
Blogged here:

Today I've noticed missing only five days to finish this month and therefore the challenge. I'm a little sad about this, when I started this, I was afraid of not being able to finish this challenge and now I realize there are only five days ahead and many more dresses in my wardrobe to show ....
Today I used the "a dress with a history" that I sewed in February this year.
Blogged here:

                        Happy week!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Pretty Woman" Dress

   Along with the dress of hearts, two posts earlier, I also sewed another dress for my friend, this is simpler and it was used for a small performance in which my friend imitated  "Pretty Woman".

   I had very little time to get some pictures of the dress that Julia Roberts wore in the movie, so I had to settle for some photos found on internet to get a dress similar to the original.  There was also trouble to finding the right fabric, all I could get was this silk polyester with polka dots uneven, but I had to settle for this lack of time to find something more suitable.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

    Although I´m not sure of the details of the original model, so I had to improvise a bit about this... small folds on the neck line, finished with bias strips of the same fabric.
   On the back, I added an invisible zipper that ends before reaching the neck. So I can leave an opening for a button, this opening is called "tear" in Spanish, but I do not know the denomination of it in English, Can you help me, about this?? Please.


   Finally, I could not attend the performance of my friend, so there is no photos of the active event.... Sorry.
   You will have to settle for a image that I made  on the day I gave the dress to her home...

Friday, September 23, 2011

SSS'11 week from 12 to 18, as late ... I know.

Monday 12
 A dress today so discreet to go to work on a cloudy day, very hot and humid.
My "navy and white" dress That I sewed in August last year, here:

Tuesday 13
I'm wearing a dress called "The dress That Decided to Develop", this is fun because it looks like a blouse and skirt, but is actually a dress, sewn in June this year .... if you are curious about the reason for the name of the dress here:

Wednesday 14
  A new dress for today ... I sewed this dress in May this year, nothing special to tell, so it is blogged here:

Thursday 15
   To celebrate just half of the month, hubby was on vacation ... although I did not, so I take half a day I work after leaving ... few hours to enjoy the beach in the afternoon, I wore the dress that was a sharong before ... here:

Friday 16
  A day's work ... but later becomes the ideal time to begin to welcome the weekend, so today I am wearing my dress "Peggy Olson", this dress is a replica of the dress that looks this character in an episode of Mad Men . I made my version ....

Saturday 17
  This is the dress  I was wearing  at a party that ended at four in the morning ...  The party had a theme, the 60s, so I wore the dress with all the right accessories to recreate the era. This dress is very beautiful details, if you want to see them up close, here:

Sunday 18
  After the party last night, today, the body is not to much work, so a relaxing stroll with hubby is the perfect excuse to wear this beautiful dress I sewed last June ... the low of the dress is fully embroidered with little lilies of the valley, so you can guess what is the name of the dress ... yeah! "Lilies of the Valley" dress, here, more closely:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ready to go to a party of the 60s. And a tutorial to get this bottom so original.

  I commented in the last post that I had accumulated many things to tell, so today I can show something that I sewed last week in some spare time.
  This was something really quick  for shown here, you shoud be aware that the dress is´nt ironed in this photos, so wrinkled seams, but you can get the idea....


   So I´m going to put you in situation... I was invited to a party with the theme of ´60s style in a nearby town and a friend asked me to sew a dress for she at that party, so I laid hands on and began to sew a petticoat first of all to place under the dress as is characteristic of this model.


   The fabric chosen by the recipient of this dress was original enough alone, she asked for a collar like this dress that I sewed time ago, but combining the print of hearts with solid fabric in the same range of color.


    To achieve the effect of the hem of the skirt, I sewed it on a strip of fabric (stitched with long stitches) respecting the circular shape of the skirt.


  Then, on the wrong side of the hem, go with a pencil drawing as a template to complete the entire bottom. Thus, for the same wrong side to spend a stitch along the line drawn with pencil ... in this way, you get the picture of the workforce by the righ side of the fabric, the right.


  Now that you have two layers of fabric held together by the stitching, first passing a small zig-zag stitch to securely hold two layers.
  Trim the excess of fabric at the top with a sharp scissors and unpick the first stitch longer that you made at first in the top of the blue fabric to release it.
  Finally, spend again a zig-zag stitch too tight around the undulating contour of the drawing. Be especially careful not to wrinkle the fabric to sew, the effect is very nice, ... or you can sew by hand over a strip of trimming to cover the union of the fabrics.


  Either way, the result is very nice and different to give an original touch to the bottom of any dress or skirt.


   The happy owner wearing the dress at the party. Along with a style entirely appropriate to the theme of the party!  
              Oh... Was not she beautiful????


  I, for my part , went to the party with my dress "Summer Sky" and some accessories for me to focus on the theme of the party...


   ... it certainly lasted until four in the morning... Wow, long time since I enjoyed something like this....

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Peggy Olson" dress (Mad Men), walking along the promenade ...

   Well, the dress is officially released, it was last Friday night, really ... but I had no time to upload this post .
   So basically, now I have many posts back that show you of everything that happened during the weekend , if no new obstacles in my way... I will be able to go up gradually throughout the week, but now...


   The dress was very comfortable to use, I had some reservations about the comfort of the sleeves, but finally it was a winner.


  Few accessories in this outfit, to let the dress is the center of attention. However, I discovered that the brooch I made here, it makes good matching with the dress, so I wore it also as a small detail.

  I want to thank you all again for your kind comments, I have not been good blogger these last days, but now I promise to catch up with you, with a little patience, I will be able to reach everyone. 
  You and your kind words make this humble blog work because they force me to keep trying new things, so I could say that each of you´re my driving force and I´m very grateful for this. 
                                                    Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Peggy Olson" dress ... details. (Mad Men)

   First of all, I want to apologize for my "disappearance" of this world blogger, life sometimes crosses the road and you have to give way to it.  Now that everything is back to normal....
  So I have made since last Sunday the dress that Peggy Olson, it appears in episode ten in the second season of Mad Men.
  Of course, with some changes to get me to be more comfortable and adapt it to my tastes and lifestyle needs...


   If you´ve read this blog for some time, remember that I told the "war" that gave the zipper... I guess I did not have a good day, so the third attempt, I gave it as valid, although you can see that the line of plaids has a few millimeters of deviation from the alignment of them, well... I can live with this, I guess...
Photobucket Photobucket

  If you have vintage sewing patterns once, you´ve probably seen this kind of sleeves on some clothes , this way of making the sleeves is currently unused, but in the 50s and 60s, this was quite usual, so I respected form, Also, I cut the seeves hem a bit, to ensure comfort that I need and can wear the dress in the climate that I live.

   The dress has a fold at the front side that ends in a fold of ventilation, the buttons are sewn very well... because they are the bond between the fabrics of this fold, you can see that I stick my fingers between them, however, this fold is sewn inside... so there is no danger that a button  "jump" and display unwanted areas of the body.

Photobucket Photobucket

  Another thing, I smoothed the sides of the collar, they end up in peaks in the original dress, but this isn´t to my liking, so I made these rounder.

Photobucket Photobucket

  When I saw this dress for the first time in Mad Men and some pictures, one detail caught my attention immediately, plaids are discontinuous in the original dress.. You can see that they aren´t alinged as expected in a well-sewn dress.. I first thought maybe this was because it was impossible to align as many pieces of dress and plaids remain perfect in every game...
   However, you can see that my dress is fully alinged... so I´m clueless on this point...
  The only explanation I can think of is that the designer did this, intentionally to highlight the fold of the buttons....

  And as a final point... Of course, my dress will be more baggy on me... I need to wear this dress in my daily life, including walking, sitting, working, driving, breathing (hey, this is important) and much more... basically be comfortable.. I envy so much the stylized figure of Peggy Olson in this dress... but this isn´t for me....
         So soon will come photos that I wearing this dress....