Thursday, September 1, 2011

So much to tell....

   I have so much to tell I do not know where to start...
 Well... I have the pleasure in telling you that I decider to join me to the group of Zo,

  "I, Rosy, of, I become a participant in the self-stitched in September 2011 and strive to wear every day this month, a garment sewn, knitted or refashioned by me." 
   Thererfore, it´s official...
  So... This is my first  photo for this day one.

  Please, note that I will not have time to post every day, but I try...
  Also, I take photos when I come home after work, so excuse the scruffy, tired, bad hair and wrinkled clothes afterwork  several hours with my clothes on.
   Ok, this dress was called "Heart of Ice". 
  And now.... Mad Men...

  No doubt, many of us are in love with Mad Men costumes, yet...
 Although, I´m very, very delayed, the challenge of Sew Weekly for this week includes "plaids".  So I took to light this beautiful fabric in my stash has been waiting a year , with this photo that I printed when I was looking for the perfect fabric for this cute dress.
  This dress appears in episode 10  of second Season.

  With some  changes, of course... In principle, I need shorter sleeves, I think that this sleeve lenght is uncomfortable to use and I need mobility whit my clothes.
 I´m still deciding whether to use the necklace with white fabric , to "break" many plaids in the model, mmm.. decisions...
  And my fabric is blue, really, I was looking for a long time some woolen fabric, but there was nothing, then I found this poly-cotton blend in Ikea. Yay! No wrinkles! Perfect!


   With some appropriate changes in the simple pattern of my dress shirt, I´m in the process of the first dress of autumn...
  And you... What are there on your sewing table???


  1. I love today's dress - it is so pretty and the colour really suits you. The madmen plaid dress looks most interesting- hope it goes well and we will see it soon! xxx

  2. Estoy deseando ver el vestido de cuadros acabado, la idea de cambiar el cuello en color blanco es genial, más acorde con el estupendo clima de tu tierra.
    Mi proyecto de otoño más próximo es un regalo para una amigita muy especial y continuar con mis clases del Sistema Marti, que no es poco.
    Saludos desde la Ciudad Condal.

  3. I'm looking forward to your daily outfits! The plaid looks interesting - I'm sure it will look beautiful. Love the style that you are copying.

  4. What a goal, and it will be fun following your creative ensembles.

  5. This is a beautiful dress. I will look forward to your outfits.
    I am going to try a small project making some belts out of men's ties. It will be my first real sewing project since Home Economics class as a sophomore in high school.

  6. First day is stunning! the color, the fit, the details - I don't know what I love most about that dress! Must be everything;)


  7. That's a gooorgeous dress, I'm glad you found the fabric for it.

    I have a similar one in mind, inspired from a sketch of that dress... Have you read Fashion File? It's by the woman who dressed the cast of Mad Men.

  8. look forward to seeing another lovely creation! I think the Mad Men style is fantastic! Your plaid will look stunning I'm sure...:)

  9. This blue dress is really lovely. And I love your idea for embellishing the stockings in the last post. really nice.

  10. Your blue dress is wonderful. I look forward to this in the box, has a great fit.

  11. Es precioso el vestido de cuadro que has elegido,estoy deseando vertelo puesto. Es muy elegante. Besitos. xxx


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