Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SSS´11 Last week.

Monday Back to work again ... so today a suit of pants and top that I sewed in September , last year, the top is embroidered by me too. Blogged here:
I also am using the pendant that I did, it colors blend well with the suit today, I love this pendant. here:



Today I decided to take a bright spark of color to a cloudy day! So I am wearing my dress, "Liz Claiborne inspiration", this dress was sewn from a Burda pattern that is very famous among the users of the Burda magazine elegant lines. I chose bright red accessories to smile to this day, although you may see me with a wrinkled face ... the instantaneous play tricks, but I assure you that I was smiling seconds before!
The original pattern is a winter dress with long sleeves ... I did my sleeveless version here:
If you want to play any top or dress without sleeves and get an inner Facing with high couture techniques, I made four tutorials to accomplish this, step by step, here:


Another bright day ... You can see my weakness for bright colors throughout this month, I use some black and muted colors .. and when I use them, I like to give a touch of color too. Today I am wearing the skirt that stopped being a UFO to become part of this outfit, with my petticoat underneath to get a touch of the 60s.
Although not very visible in the photo, so you can see on the horizon is the sea, today dawned cloudy and the picture is made at eight in the morning, however, temperatures pleasant to wear short sleeves this time.
Skirt blogged here:


An unexpected diversion today after work ...  my friend´s fabric store!!, I call it "Aladdin's Cave" you can find there the most beautiful fabrics in the world! Today I am wearing my dress "Versatile" in beautiful blue ... Ladies please ... let's fill the world of color! Blogged here:


Hey! Friday! The sky threatened rain and I have hope ... while listening to the song "It's raining men", but does not drop anything ....
Today I used the skirt sewn in May last year here:
The blouse is also sewn by me many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so no blogging for it.
And you can see a new haircut here... yes, it was time!!

Go shopping in the capital is an occasion to wear the dress "Delicate Paisley". I'm not sure if it's the beautiful fabric, the pattern of the dress or what is the reason ... I know this dress is admired when I use it. Well, I think it is beautiful.
Blogged here:

Today I've noticed missing only five days to finish this month and therefore the challenge. I'm a little sad about this, when I started this, I was afraid of not being able to finish this challenge and now I realize there are only five days ahead and many more dresses in my wardrobe to show ....
Today I used the "a dress with a history" that I sewed in February this year.
Blogged here:

                        Happy week!!!


  1. I share your passion for bright bold colors. It's a pleasure to browse through your gorgeous garments. As if it's not enough to make them so neatly, you wear your clothes so glamorously too!

  2. Unos vestidos estupendos, la verdad es que me han encantado, especialmente el blanco con rojo :)


  3. LOVE all your dresses and separates! So lovely! And the new haircut is great too!!!

  4. Wonderful outfits, it´s hard to say which one I like best. The dresses are fantastic but I also like your skirts and blouses.

  5. A wonderful-dressed week again!


  6. Wonderful outfits. Your skill as a seamstress is outstanding. I so admire you and really enjoy seeing pictures of all your hard work.

  7. Qué maravilla Rosy, no tengo palabras...

  8. Absolutely all, all these outfits are beautiful! And I love the red either in whole pieces all accessories, but also the royal blue shade you use in your garments. Few years ago I used mostly neutrals, but now my wardrobe is more colorful. You are a very good example how to use brights to make beautiful outfits:-)

  9. I love every single outfit you wore! I am so impressed with your recreation of Peggy Olson's dress, it is beautiful and looks perfect on you.

  10. I love your week in review. You've got some lovely dresses. I love your paisley dress. I've been eying that one from Burda and it's really nice to see it made up. It's very flattering.

  11. The first set of excellent, my favorite color...


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