Saturday, September 3, 2011

What do a very hot day off .....

  Yes, I´m on day three, Saturday ... that means... not working.. day off, so... BEACH!
 The usual living on an island, is a delicious day by the sea, which gives me the opportunity to wear the bikini that I sewed in May last year, well ... it´s a garment sewn, so it serves well for this SSS´11.
   Although my age and my figure marred by motherhood, is´nt a good incentive for posing in a  bikini, I finally dared a photo for you to make sure that I was using this garment today, however with a short to avoid my own shame.
 So if you´re curious to see the whole bikini... is this, an you can see the blogged about it here.


    But, please... let me share some photos of today with you...



  Maspalomas is a wondeful beach of the island with white sand and crystalline waters, has a total distance of twelve miles and a huge dune paradise that turns it into a small desert, ideal for getting lost for some hours. If you want to know more about this beautiful place... here.


  1. The waters are so pretty :) and you have no look great in your bathing suit!

  2. I'm very jealous of this beach.... Great motivation to sew bikinis...

  3. Beautiful sea and You look greut in a bikini....

  4. Great! I want to the sea again!!

  5. The beach looks lovely and so do you in your beautiful bikini!

  6. Oh! - yeah that's the only "word" which came to my mind... I wish to live in your place... It must be so exciting.
    I love Czech republic for its forests, lakes, rivers, meadows...
    but it must be so beautiful to spend few days on island and have home there (at least for a while:))
    Don't be shy! You look good and the fact that the bathing suit was made by you is absolutely great!
    The bathing suit looks so proffesional!
    Do you think you would be able to sew some vintage swimsuit too?
    I always thought it must be really difficult because of the fabric (and because I can't sew:)) and so on... but the bathing suit you'd made looks really wonderful.
    I love bathing suits from this e-shop:
    especially those three:

    1) I usually don't like leopard pattern but in this case it looks so lovely and sexy too:))

    2) sailor classic :)

    3) and polka dotted one is gorgeous of course:

    I haven't be to seaside for three years! (omg, the time is passing so fast!) So, I'm dreaming about it very often:) about the seaside, seaside restaurants:)), sun, swimsuits... and so on...

    Have a nice day!
    Que te pase bien;)
    Hasta pronto...

    Tu amiga

  7. Madre mía, te has hecho el bikini tú??? nO me lo puedo creer.
    Qué preciosa playa.
    Tengo que ir a Canarias, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. Okay this is like the 3rd set of beach pictures I have blessed with this it a sign?

    So beautiful, you and the beach:)

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list:)

  9. Incredible. Did you sew this bikini? I'm amazed.
    You are so humble, you are pretty and young and I'm jealous of your living place.

  10. You look great in bikini! What a wonderful sea and the beach, I wish I was there :))

  11. What a beautiful place to live - I am envying that sky and that long beach as it is still cool here in Sydney. And your bikini - wow - looks great on you, and looks just perfectly sewn! Congratulations!

  12. Rosy, y ¿con que tipo de aguja coses la tela de licra? Yo lo he intentado con mi máquina y no me sale!. Te agradecería mucho que me dieras alguna pista!. Muchas gracias.

  13. Oh, the beach is lovely!! And what a nice job sewing on your swimsuit. I am hoping to attempt swimwear sometime in the near future ...

  14. Hola!

    you have a wonderful bikini and an even more wonderful figure to show it off!!
    All of your dresses on SSS-11 are truly wonderful and you are obviously a very skilled seamstress with a lot of style.
    So envious of your wonderful weather here in England it has been very dreary all summer!


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