Thursday, November 10, 2011

It was destiny....

  Definitely, I´m the furthest thing from a pin up there, I was never a woman with curves, or when I was twenty years old.. now less... although it´s said that nature is wise, in this case isn´t well distributed, someone made a mistake and handed around my waist that I had to have been hip.
   When I was a teenager and my body began to develop, and toyed with the idea of a tiny waist in my mind... I was hoping that the contours of my chest and hips began sometime in the time away from my waist, poor deluded... outlines the three continued to grow at the same time together in the proportions, as if each one dragging the other  two inevitably.
   But I´m sure like may women , I´ve been longing for life a corset. It´s one of those hidden desires that have always  been there, lurking.. but never got the chance to make one, there was always something more urgent to sew.

    Definitivamente, yo soy lo más alejado a una pin up que existe, nunca fui una mujer con curvas,  ni cuando tenía veinte años... ahora menos... aunque se dice que la naturaleza es sabia, en este caso no está bien repartida, a alguien se le fue la mano y repartió alrededor de mi cintura lo que tenía que haber sido cadera. Cuando yo era adolescente y mi cuerpo empezaba a desarrollarse, ya jugaba con la idea de una cintura minúscula en mi mente... yo tenía la esperanza que los contornos de pecho y cadera comenzaran alguna vez en el tiempo a alejarse  de mi contorno de cintura, pobre ilusa... los tres contornos siguieron creciendo a la vez, juntos en las proporciones , como si cada uno arrastrara a los otros dos inevitablemente.
    Sin embargo yo estoy segura que igual que muchas mujeres , llevo toda la vida suspirando por un corsé. Es uno de esos deseos ocultos que siempre han estado ahí, acechando... pero nunca llegaba la oportunidad de hacer uno, siempre había algo más urgente para coser.

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  So I took the opportunity this time, Sew Weekly proposed  "pin ups" this week and than I associate the idea with a corset. I used a pattern Burdastyle Free download.

   Así que yo aproveché la oportunidad esta vez, el tema de Sew Weekly fue "pin ups" esta semana y enseguida yo asocié la idea con un corsé.  Utilicé un patrón de descarga gratuito en Burdastyle.
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  I bought front closures in house of Lady Marmalade for over a year and the rest of materials are supplies of my sewing cave.

   Compré los cierres delanteros en la casa de Lady Mermelada hace más de un año y el resto de los materiales son suministros de mi cueva de costura.


  For now , here on what I have, the corset hasn´t done miracles, I´m still a woman with out curves.. although this is the first corset that I make for me, will not be the last, but ir there are many other corsets that I stitched in my life, you can see a small sample here.
  But I think this is the beginning of a new romance, I want to play with patterns and try new proportions, perhaps add more slack to hop to give volume, even one that covers the entire torso for use just on my skin... thousand ideas in my head, as always...
   Now I need to "decorate" the one to cheer a little , looking for something to give life... the results tomorrow.

     Por ahora, esto el lo que tengo, el corset no ha hecho milagros, sigo siendo una mujer sin curvas...  aunque este es el primer corsé que hago para mi, no va a ser el último; sin embargo, si hay muchos otros corsés que he cosido a lo largo de mi vida, usted puede ver una pequeña muestra aquí.
  Pero creo que esto es el comienzo de un nuevo romance, quiero jugar con los patrones e intentar nuevas proporciones, quizá añadir más holgura a la cadera para dar volumen, incluso alguno que cubra el torso completamente para usarlo solo, sobre la piel ... mil ideas en mi cabeza, como siempre...
   Ahora necesito "decorar" la prenda para alegrarla un poco, buscar algo que dé vida ... los resultados, mañana.


  1. There is something very satisfying about making a corset...they are almost industrial. I love your idea of playing with the proportions to create a waist. I know they used to add ruffles at the bust(inside like todays wonder bras), maybe you could add them to the hips as well. Also if you add more boning you can make the waist at least 2" smaller then your actual waist:)

    Can't wait to see how you jazz this one up.

  2. Your corset looks wonderful. Lucky for you that you can create your own fantasy outfit!

  3. What a challenging and interesting project!

  4. Very va va voom!!! Very clevery too!

  5. It is ALL about how the pattern is drafted. The opposite of your goal, when I made mine back in the spring I was not trying to get serious waist reduction/definition but it happened anyway with Butterick 4254 view D. Another big difference with mine was when I went down a size the curves appeared, as the major pattern companies tend to put ease into their corset patterns when there should be none.

    You can try going down a size or two on your current pattern, or take the waist in on the pieces, or try a different pattern ... it depends on what you feel confident to tackle.

  6. I'm currently working on a corset as well. I already have two corsets a victorian style and modern. But this is the first corset that I make. And I found out that an underbust corset works better with my body type. Which is quite similar to yours.

  7. This is something I have been toying with today while catching up on two weeks worth of blogs. Everyone is ether corsets or knitting.

  8. Go to this place:
    There you can customize your own real corset!
    Yo le hice uno a mi hija solo para jugar un rato y modifique el patrón, haciendolo mas corto. Quedo al final un corset mas o menos como el tuyo, solo que al tener los cordones en la espalda es verdaderamente ajustable y puedes conseguir la cintura avispa que siempre has deseado. Espero que te sirva y lo disfrutes mucho.
    Raquel From Florida

  9. Ooo I would love to make a corset, yours looks fab, even better it was a free download. I may just have to give this a go.

  10. Rosy el corset te quedo perfecto!

  11. Corsets are all but easy to make, I think you have done great for a first try! And magically making a smaller waist is really hard. I own a real corset with steel wires and closure, and that one works very well (when my corset-loving friend laces me into that one, my waist gets five inches smaller than usual!) I too plan on making one for myself someday, and after studying mine I see that to make the waist look smaller, not only does the corset need to have a smaller waist than me, but also be much bigger around the hips and bust, to allow for the hourglass shape to appear. (I guess it moves the extra fluff from my waist towards my hip... after all, it has to go somewhere). Also it's easier to make the waist appear smaller with a corset that starts below the bust.

  12. Pah! Who needs a waist...I don't have one, wish I did but don't have a bust either so that's that. We are fine just the way we are don't you think?


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