Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fancy something sweet?

   I love having a piece of cake, any cake, any flavour ... although my favourite will always be the "Red Velvet" one.
  The excuse was two princesses´ birthday party   ( my sons´ girlfriends ), their birthdays happen to be on the same week, so my sons and I decided to bake some homemade cakes for the whole family.

   Te apetece algo dulce??
   Yo no puedo resistirme a un trozo de tarta, sea de la que sea... aunque mi favorita siempre será el "Red Velvet".
   La excusa perfecta fue la celebración de las dos princesas de la familia (las novias de mis hijos), cumplen años en la misma semana y mis hijos y yo decidimos preparar unos pasteles caseros para diversión de toda la familia.

 photo Sintiacutetuloc_zpsea81c6b4.jpg

    Three "Red Velvet" cakes topped with vanilla frosting and some fondant decorations  made by my boys, each one thinking on their girlfriends´taste.
  A cake decorated with a gavel and its base for a law student princess.

   Tres "Red Velvet" que decoramos con crema de vainilla y algunas chuminadas que hicieron ellos con fondant, cada uno pensando en los gustos de su novia.
   Una decoración pensada para una princesa que está estudiando abogacía, un mazo con su base...

 photo IMG_3032_zps6e6929b5.jpg

 photo IMG_3033_zps6b8af884.jpg

  The other princess likes cats, so her boyfriend has this idea ...

   La otra princesa es una amante de los gatos, así que su novio tuvo esta idea...

 photo IMG_3028_zps1ed5ac68.jpg

 photo IMG_3025_zpsd0e04c46.jpg

   And the third cake is for the family enjoyment so just a plain and simple cake to be enjoyed.

   Y una tercera que sirvió para degustar en familia, sencilla  y directa.

 photo IMG_3040_zps876b556f.jpg

 photo IMG_3048_zps0bb0dbee.jpg

    In the end, a weekend filled with laughter , enjoying like children while  baking cakes, thinking about the faces their girls would pull when getting their birthday cakes surprise ...and laughter too when blowing out the candles and singing "Happy Birthday" for double. 
    How was your weekend?

   En definitiva, un fin de semana de risas, disfrutando como una enana mientras horneaba los pasteles con mis hijos pensando en las caras que pondrían sus novias cuando vieran esto y más risas cuando llegó el momento de apagar las velas y cantar el "Cumpleaños Feliz" por duplicado.
   Cómo ha sido tu fin de semana??

                                                            photo c74e80f8-b4ec-4a85-a9a9-951d11e54baf_zpsc88c5f7e.jpg


  1. What a great idea! Personalized birthday cakes are so much more fun than store-bought ones. *^o^*

  2. That is so sweet, what a lovely thing to do baking them such gorgeous cakes :))) I am the same, I love cake...all cake...as long as I can eat it, haha!! Happy day to you my dear....besos!! xxxx

  3. Oh how sete in every possible way! You are very skillful when it comes to cooking too. Do you ever rest my dear Rosy? Thank you so much for your adorable comments, you always make me giggle :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  4. Seguro que estaban encantadas con esos detalles tan dulces, eres una manitas Rosy y todo se te da bien! Un besazo.

  5. That is pretty wild their birthdays are in the same week! The cakes you created are just so sweet! I can just imagine the surprise on their faces! Both cakes are so perfect and such a wonderful way to make them feel special! Love red velvet cake too!


  6. Oh how I LOVE cakes. Sweets. Chocolate. Ice cream... I love to bake too, and it's always a great challenge and lots of fun to decorate cakes. Especially for special occasions! Is there a receipt for this kind of cake? I would love to make one as well...

    Hugs from Switzerland, Doris

  7. Puro arte, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. What are beautiful cakes!!! Capable you are!
    I do not know how to bake... But I like to eat:D

  9. Que buena pinta!!! Tocas muchos "palos" y por las fotos todos bien

  10. Que si me apetece??? No te puedes imaginar cuánto...!!!

    Felicidades a tus princesas por sus cumpleaños y por arribar a una familia tan amorosa...

  11. I am desperate to try red velvet cake! your's look absolutely delicious and such lovely gifts, both lovely ladies must feel so special! x x x

  12. So "sweet!!!" Such a lovely celebration.

  13. I really adore the one with the cats ( I love cats) but I'm sure they were all perfect!


  14. Your SONS did that! Wow, what a great mom you must be. I hope your sons' girlfriends consider that very carefully.

  15. Qué bien lo pasaste, que pinta tienen las tartas y menudo detallazo para las novias de tus hijos, seguro que a ellas les encantaron las tartas. Estas hecha una artista de la repostería.


  16. Oh I absolutely love Red Velvet cake....my favourite! You are such a lovely mummy to bake those delicious wonders....and of course the one with the cats will be my favourite as a cat lover. It was an absolute pleasure to join you ladies in Share-in-style. Thank you so much for your very lovely comment on my blog, you are just as sweet as cake and I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!
    May x

  17. Ooo they look yummy! What a great idea!


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