Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cherries in November...., yes

I wanted a brooch a bit original for me this week, so I bought two wooden balls.
Then I tie a green thread in the hole of them and late I cover the wooden balls with crochet, with dark red thread.

Now I make crochet with the green thread and tie a knot.
When I finished, I take green felt and cutt two pieces with the shape of the leaves, on the first I embroidered the leaves with a bit of light green.
Then I joined the two pieces of felt, between of them I put the balls and sew the felt around with stichs by hand.

The last step is stick a piece of brooch on the back.
And to wear a original brooch!!!!


  1. Oh my Paola.You are a very talented crafter. I love your blog. I want to visit it again later to see it in detail. Thank you for visiting mine. Isn't it fun to see what other people are sewing or crafting.
    Happy Sewing from Diana

  2. Paola.- por fín un poco de tiempo para hacerte una visita. Observo que además de la ropa tienes pasión por otras artes. Saludos desde Barcelona y hasta pronto, Paco

  3. This is lovely! You're so creative.


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