Thursday, February 17, 2011

Febrero movie, "Marnie" by Alfred Hitchcock. 1964. Febrero Giveaway!

So, we come to the giveaway for the month of February, the month is chosen film "Marnie" (1964), a great movie by the brilliant Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.
  Perhaps being the month of San Valentin I could have chosen a romantic movie, but I assure you that this has everything, love, intrigue and pure eroticism without showing any scene worthy of censure. If you did not see .... please enjoy it.

If you know the custom of Mr. Hitchcock to make a "small role" in each one of his films, I always play to "catch" he ...
Ok, let's go to play .. in the first pictures of the entrance is a simple and elegant gray dress and a beautiful suitherringbone fabric skirt and jacket.

       Another olive green wool suit, please ... see the detail of the neck. Original closing!

     Two beautiful suites, the same pattern, two different colors, two different models ... Sneaky!
                A beautiful dress with original details ....
Do not know if this is a dress or blouse, but I definitely love, love the bow!
            Yeah! Bow in the neck are my "crazy"!

Another thing that I can not avoid playing is to find "errors" in the movies .. please observe the drinking glasses on the table ...
          The same scene, seconds later, Glasses Ghosts!
           The film offers a huge variety of coats ...
This is an elegant suit, I swear that it is made with apple green leather.

      Even the dresses of the waitresses, are glamorous ...

I am amazed by this great camel-colored outfit, please see the hair touched, Wow!

      And an elegant dress with jacket, burgundy velvet ...

    Stunning gowns to be home, What do you choose???

A flowing chiffon dress and a cute black dress with heart shaped neckline ..

         And beautiful evening dress, fantastic!
Now you have the key ....
  Getting into the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post and say which garment, you think that I will sew.
You can leave a comment until next Monday, that day I tell which garment of this movie I sew for myself and the winner of this giveaway that I showed in yesterday's post. The winner will be chosen at random, it´s not necessary that the model chosen for you is the same one I chose to sew .... remember ... just fun ...
  Happy week dear Ladies!


  1. I love your crochet and I would love to enter to win it!
    I will guess the grey dress with the black details on the bodice.
    Simple, chic and very flattering.

  2. I also LOVE the bows at the neck, so I'd like to see you make one of those, so that will be my guess. ;] And your crochet set is so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win. :}

  3. ¡Me encanta esa película de Hitchcock! Creo que va a hacer el vestido gris con los botones y cinta negra. Tiene un estilo que parece a los otros vestidos que ha hecho; simple y elegante.

  4. I bet on the burgundy velvet dress, or the chiffon one, the choice is not easy!

  5. I would love to see you sew the black chiffon heart shape dress so that is my pick! They are all so gorgeous!! Your give away is so beautiful!!

  6. I can't decide! They are really awesome looks. I really like the olive dress/blouse with the cool bow.


  7. Me acabo de unir a tu blog y espero ponerme al dia pronto. Soy aficionada a la costura y tambien me gustaria hacerme mi propio armario algun dia. Y tambien comparto el gusto por las prendas bien hechas y vintage... un saludo, Maria

  8. The burgundy velvet dress and coat. I love the look and the color is stunning.

  9. Though I think that you would look lovely in any one of the outfits, I know you wouldn't make the one with the fur cuffs - it would be too warm for you. My choice would be the black dress with the heart-shaped neckline, perhaps in a different colour.
    Eliminate my name from the draw this time - I won last time. Thank-you so much!

  10. I think you should make the gray dress with the 3/4 sleeves and the black trim. Gorgeous.

    Such a great movie, I haven't seen it in a while, but it kept me on the edge of my seat, like most hitchcocks I've seen.

    By the way, you won my pattern giveaway, so shoot me your mailing address and you'll find a nice present in your mailbox shortly.

  11. I'm going to guess the burgundy velvet dress. I am in love with them all though!

  12. I hope it's the flowing chiffon gown, it's beautiful and the colour is lovely. I love them all though and now I have to see this movie!

  13. Well, I like the black dress with the heart shaped neckline...even if all dresses are wonderful! And I love your crochet give away....
    Have a nice day!

  14. You've got a tough choice - there are some wonderful clothes in Marnie! Diane Baker's wine velvet set...Tippi Hedren's ensembles...Wow!

    I think that scrumptious tangerine frock that Diane Baker wears would be fun to make AND wear. So, that's my guess!

  15. I think the olive green suit is adorable and very practical to make.


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