Friday, July 15, 2011

Make inner facing of a dress. Tutorial IIII and ending

Now we are going to sew the shoulders of the dress, so please observe the image to see the position the dress and the facing.
Photobucket The position of the shoulders is very important to obtain an end this process correctly, so you can see the back of the dress is with  the facing placed on the wrong side and the front of the dress is below with the facing placed on the right side of fabric.
Photobucket Take with your finger  the front right shoulder dress and put it in the space between the fabric and facing the back right shoulder.
Photobucket Slide the front shoulder  within of the space of the shoulder   back.
Photobucket You will get this .... now you can see the seam allowance of the shoulder are positioned correctly, you can sew the shoulders front and back of the dress.
Photobucket The seam allowance of the shoulder of the dress are together on one side and seam allowance shoulder facing are together the other side .
  Sew the shoulders of the dress on the  line sewing that  you sewed and ironed  in the first post tutorial.
Photobucket Sew the shoulder facing   using as a guide shoulder  of the dress.
Photobucket Now you get this ... put your fingers in that hole and pull off the fabric of inside (front shoulder)
Photobucket Place seam allowance open (shoulder) and sew side seam.
Photobucket Pull the fabric of the front shoulder toward its original position and voila, the shoulder is finished. Repeat entire process with the left shoulder. Iron and sew small stitches on the facing (at armhole/ armpit) with the side seam of the dress to ensure that it does not move.
   I hope that the beating I gave me all this time has been helpful to you, if so, please ... do not be shy and say hello, that's very rewarding ... and if you need clarification, email me and I try to help. Happy sewing.


  1. Rosy, you are such a professional when it comes to how you finished your creations!
    You also must be so patience and dedicate to your craft.

  2. I have really enjoyed your tutorial on this! I have on occasion tried to make something similar, but nothing as neat as this! Thank you so much for taking the time to show us!

  3. Some patience you had writing these tutorials! Well done -for both stitching and writing!:)

  4. Nice tutorial...
    and thank you so much for your nice comment on my top!

  5. The shoulder seam photos were really helpful......thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial Rosy!


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